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The Monument by P-MassManPro
The Monument

Move up the block, giant box blast my song

Non-stop strictly hip-hop, march on

Doo-rag hang long, metal tape is high-bias

Graphics, captured with the colorful, iris

I zoom in, while the listeners tune in

Some assumin they paid dues and joined the union

Lost nigga couldn’t rumble in this wild jungle

Quick to crumble, type to be on the stand and fumble

Divine Master, threw on the track that made ‘em bleed

He produce at unattainable rains of top speed

This powerful magnet, that left ‘em stagnant

was unlikely in cameras in larger fragments

Un-filled rifle, scout sniper, shots precise

Starlight scope, with the night vision device

Splendid marksman, that’ll shoot the one off the dice

Split a grain of rice, in one shot to kill him twice

3AM by P-MassManPro
There's no escaping
There's no place to hide
You scream 'Someone save me'
But they don't pay no mind, goodbye

You're walkin' down a horror corridor
It's almost 4 in the morning and you're in a
Nightmare, it's horrible
Right there's the coroner
Waiting for ya to turn the corner so he can corner ya
You're a goner he's onto ya
Out the corner of his cornea he just saw you run
All you want is to rest 'cause you can't run anymore you're done
All he wants is to kill you in front of an audience
While everybody is watching in the party applauding it
Here I sit while I'm caught up in deep, thought again
Contemplating my next plot again
Swallowing a klonopin while I'm nodding in and out on the ottoman
At the Ramada inn, holdin' on to the pill bottle then
Lick my finger and swirl it round the bottom and make sure I got all of it
Wake up naked at McDonald's with
Blood all over me, Dead bodies behind the counter, shit
Guess I must have just blacked out again...
Not again!
It's 3 A.M. in the mornin'
Put my key in the door and
Bodies layin' all over the floor and
I don't remember how they got there
But I guess I must've killed em (killed em)
I said...
It's 3 A.M. in the mornin'
Put my key in the door and
Bodies layin' all over the floor and
I don't remember how they got there
But I guess I must've killed em (killed em)
Sitting nude in my living room, it's almost noon
I wonder what's on the tube, maybe they'll show some boobs
Surfin' every channel until I find Hannah Montana
Then I reach for the Aloe and lanolin
Bust all over the wall paneling dismantlin' every candle
On top of the fireplace mantle and
Grab my flannel and my bandana then
Kiss the naked mannequin man again
You can see him standin' in my front window if you look in
I'm just a hooligan who's used to usin' hallucinogens
Causin' illusions again
Brain contusions again
Cutting and bruisin' the skin
Razors, scissors and pins
Jesus, when does it end?
Phases, that I go through
Days that I'm so confused
Days that I don't know who
Gave, these molecules to
Me, what am I gon' do?
Hey the prodigal son
The diabolical one
Very methodical when I slaughter them
Cheese and Dope by P-MassManPro
Cheese and Dope
If I could describe Project Pat in one word..UNDERRATED

Out here slanging on this blade prayin' that I don’t get cut
By these police making raids, jumping out and checking nuts
Cutting balls down to cuns, babbage weed is in my lungs
Nigga stiff me for a bag, Ima shoot him in his ass
Ima show him who the boss, when you niggaz gonna learn
When you cross in this game, then yo ass will get burned
Wait my turn, or my time rock for rock, for the dime
Takin fed chance after chance, but I got to dance
Take the rules of this shit, that’s why I keep a revolver
How the hell you robbers, gonna rob the robber
Boy I’m gonna scar ya with pistol slap cross mouth
Reachin in ya pockets, and take yo money out
Mane you now what’s goin you got cheese, I got dope
For da 900th strong, I got p’s, I got coke
Aint no credit given mane you could get from round here
Niggas robbing, niggas banging niggas slangin down here

I got cheeeese, hoez, and a bunch of fucking dope
I got peeeees, coke, and some killaz at da door
Hydro weeeeeed smoke, and a quarter ounce of blow
What you neeeeeeed bro, is start fuckin wit yo boy

Quarter bird what’s the word? for you dog, it’s da low
Sellin me babbage weed but you want the purest snow?
Ima go, Ima pull, me a rabbit out a hat
Out some cane mixed with sugar and some killaz strapped wit gats
Always trying to be slick, you done stepped in some shit
You done broke ghetto laws, you could tore your fuckin draws
Wit me boy, yean know, cause the streets never lies
Walk right up on yo ass, shoot you right between the eyes,
You be stankin wit the flies
While Im ridin on chrome, wit yo bitch, smokin dro
Fucking all in yo home, while ya kissing on her lips,
She be sucking on my dick, flip and flop, on the bank system booms as I dip
Through the streets of da hood, North Memphis Hollywood
Represent it, to da max, I’m just out here stating facts
Trying to stack me some papes, got my foot on you snakes
I’m gon squeeze on some lead for you niggas that are fake

I'm Having A Relapse by P-MassManPro
I'm Having A Relapse
Shout out to for…

Really tho..
I always thought evil Em is him at his best 8-)

How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges?
He's already got life in jail man, what the hell is his problem?
Well to be honest, the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic
They've compelled me to kill this elderly man
And I get these panic attacks, pop a Xanax, relax
Trying to stick my fucking dick inside a mannequin's ass
Then I get manic depressed, see the orthodontist, get gassed
Man, it's kick ass, the first thing I put on is the mask
Speaking of masks, man, it ain't too late to have a change of pace
And take it off and show my face, so you can see the things you facin'
Slice you up and cook you after you're murdered by strangulation
That's bacon souffle you making, ain't you? Well, thank you, Jason
There goes one more coma, due to blunt force trauma
Just give me one more Soma and I'll be done for mama
Go in the damn broom closet, another Valium, lost it
Shoving the vacuum nozzle, down the bathroom faucet
It seems like everyday I get a little flakier
The medication is making my hands a little shakier
Hand me that eighteen-month-old baby to shake him up
It'll only take me a second to choke his trachea
Breaking his neck in eighty-some places baby, here Shady comes, lady
He's got the razor b-blades and the ch-ch-chainsa-saw, baby
You b-b-blundering, bumbling, m-m-mumbling dum-dums
Yeah, here I come-come, you hear the rumbling vrumm-vrumm?
There's something inside of that blue tub and that drum, drum
A head and torso of someone, where'd it come from?
Who's it belong to? Maybe the girl with the long, blonde hair
Who disappeared and left her cheerleader pom-poms
Clearly there's somethin' wrong, cause she didn't come home
She's missing, where is she? Something fishy is going on
I guess he stuck the bitch with the pitchfork with the long prongs
Now everybody get your dance on to my damn song, Come on


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Artist | Digital Art
United States
One day I became unlike anyone else.

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